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4/16/09 03:06 pm

FF13 demo, FFa13 trailer, and the FFv13 trailer from last year? Geesh, yesterday was busy for some people.
..for me too. Woke up a bit late, I'd promised to Kitty I'd be up by noon since her RSE week started then. Ended up oversleeping by a bit due to this strangest dream, and then we started playing. And playing. And playing. Aside from a few pauses, the longest an hour long, we kept playing until around 1 AM. At no point did I /shutdown, just idled. Man, really gotta try to play less. @__@ Although I had an excuse yesterday, the RSE-hunting took unexpectedly long (we got one piece of Kitty's RSE in the time it took us to get two and a half for me), and leveling our subjobs (BLM) was getting kinda urgent so we did that too... Well, at least we made some progress. One more level on RDM (I think? Must've leveled at least once since we spent so long down in Shakhrami this time, even though the mobs were getting a bit weak for us) and four levels on BLM, that's really some progress there for someone who only does duos instead of partying. (and by the way? Manaburns are godly on the exp, even with just two people)
In a couple more days we gotta go to Shakhrami again to get my last piece of RSE...then we'll be finally done with that place, and good riddance. sidetracked. FF13 demo? Looked pretty good. I haven't had the time to read reactions much, although I can totally see the kind of people who complained about FF12 battle system complaining about FF13 too. And completely ignoring that it's the same fucking system presented a tiny bit differently, once again.
Agito keeps looking interesting. I still think I'll get the Japanese version, unless it's launched at about the same time everywhere. Considering that it's SE..probably no such luck.

FF11 screenies, late December: Christmas event and Jeuno ) many screenies was that? I guess they're enough for now. I still didn't get away from December's screenies though. The very last week of it left.

4/10/09 01:43 pm

Egg-hunt Eggstravaganza 2009 started today in FF11, and that means gathering initial eggs, these eggs marked with letters. You need all sorts of combinations to get event items, for a total of fifteen different ones. ....yeah. The combinations all require 3-8 eggs each. That's a whole load of eggs I need. It complicates matters that you can only get one egg per Vana'diel day if you don't want to pay for them (I need to save gil for other matters so currently I can't pay for them), so this is gonna take long. Good thing this event isn't ending anytime soon.

Rambling on )

Easter in RL, huh... I hate these multi-day things most of all. Always have to try to remember which days you can go buy food on, and remember to buy enough for the days you can't. Ugh, keep your cruddy feast days out of my life. D:
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3/31/09 05:01 pm

Well hello there SE, you fucking money-grubbing bitch you. Not is it enough to make me pay for a downloadable add-on for FF11 this month, you also want me to necessarily buy that security token. What's the ONE thing players are always clamoring for in FF11? That they're ready to do anything for? More storage/inventory space of course. And what do you get as a bonus for buying the security token? Any guesses? ...double inventory space, inventory space that grows by te same amount as the normal inventory when you expand your normal inventory by in-game means. Fuck you, SE. I know I was going to get my hands on that security token anyway, but just fuck you. That action makes it pretty much mandatory for everyone to get the 10€/$ security token, even if they don't want it.

Shortly about the FF11 April update )

Looks like I really won't be going to Helsinki in April. It was already pretty certain (since I'm stuck in Joensuu and the train tickets would be literally double the cost than from Tampere) but this hammered it in.

Read a manga yesterday, randomly stumbled across it when I was searching for something to read. I ended up reading it the whole night. It's a manga with no excessive humor in it (I don't think it had even one intentional joke?) and is of 5th graders of all things. Starts with the main charas as 5th graders anyway, the latest chapter I found was with them on 8th grade. It's...really awesome. The two main characters are transsexual, and it's just about them going about their lives, trying to figure out life. Taking a look at another manga after that was almost painful, seeing that whimsical nature in most even remotely popular manga and comparing it to that. It's..painful, too.
It's called Hourou Musuko if you want to take a look. What's most surprising is that I found it on Manga Fox, it's the fifth most popular manga there. And the comments on it, while there's some not so amazing ones too, are generally respectful and even mature. I was really, really surprised.

Hey, see how long my resolve to update every other day held. =D;

3/22/09 05:09 pm

I saw a horrible dream last night. It started with a cat head, torn from the poor thing's body, and then it continued with another (living one) with one leg torn completely off and another leg with 'just' the paw torn off, and then there was this third cat (this one living too) that looked like something had tried to eat through her chest. .____. And nobody was doing anything! They just glanced and shrugged and said "how horrible" and went on their way.
Now, I may complain about cats when they're around me, but that's due to allergy and the constant shedding. I do actually love cats themselves. The dream was..not pleasant.

Moving on to more pleasant things. I don't want to dwell on that dream.

Started playing Final Fantasy XI again last night. Got lots of things done, and...I had the best luck ever in my drop rates. Is it because I finally went out to get stuff by myself? Always when I have Kitty around, the drop rates just plain suck and since the drops go to a treasure pool from which they drop randomly to party members...I have shitty luck with that too. Things always go to Kitty, and I end up with hardly a single crystal to show for a night of playing.
This time though? It was amazing. I went out to get four beetle shells and two black tiger fangs. I killed five tigers and six beetles to get those. Normally, it would have been dozens of each. (trust me, I've fought those particular beetles and tigers before) o.o
Quite emboldened by my success, I went out to hunt for a Carbuncle's Ruby. It's needed to unlock the Summoner job. When Kitty hunted for hers, it took her an entire day or thereabouts. I've read reports of people hunting for one for days before giving up. Me? I went there, fought maybe an hour...and there was the damn ruby. Yesterday was awesome indeed. >D

And now, since I noted that I haven't done a screenshot post lately.. well, not like I've been playing either. Anyway. The last screenshot I posted was number 755, and I have a bit past 1210 now... xD Don't worry, I'll just pick carefully which ones to post this time. Not going into as much detail as usually this time. Partially also because I can't remember exactly what happened in them, what I'd already achieved.

Jugner and Meriphataud and Passhow and others )

Those screenies get me up to...late December, I think to around the time I moved. Yay. I'll post more later, I'm itching to get back to work. Got three levels to gain on RDM to catch up to Kitty. :P

3/20/09 11:36 pm

Oh, I think I meant to update earlier today. Although I honestly have no clue what I was going to write...

I've been working on waff the past couple days, adding Vana'diel Tribune issues. It's not like it was very urgent, but it bothered me to have some of them up and some not, completely arbitrarily. So I finished the job to get it out of my mind for once. I even went and prettified the issues I'd added earlier. Now I'm just wondering what to next work on. All of the areas that are just "copy this info and add it and make it pretty" I can think of are just adding item and monster data and such, and I don't really feel like adding pure data right now. Then again, I don't feel like having to research and write stuff myself either, so kind of caught here. =D;

How is it already the 20th anyway? I meant to play FF11 this month, catch up with Kitty a bit. Mostly just farming and crafting, but that needs to be done too. I think my problem is that I keep wanting to research what to do next, but never get around to starting that research. It'd take only an hour tops to get myself in form for the next ten levels (some of the equips I really NEED right now are only questable) and I'd likely be caught up enough in the game by the end of that that I'd just switch right to Windows and start playing, but there's always so much to do before doing that research, and before I notice it I'm again way too tired to even consider it.
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3/16/09 06:44 pm

FF11, Tactics, Dissidia )

Heh, they shipped my copy of Crisis Core Ultimania today. While I'm itching to play it again and go for completion this time, I'm somehow doubting it'll happen anytime soon. Too distracted with other games. *points up*

Synapsi sure has some effective PR people. It's this EBM/industrial/gothic/etc event, some guy contacted me through and told me they're having a Synapsi soon again. With a personalized message and all, and it was apparent from his profile that he'd been advertising it to other people too. Nice. In this case, they hit the nail on the head with the marketing. If all the marketing was like that, ads wouldn't have such a bad aura around them. Personalized, exact, and in person, and by that last bit I mean an actual person at the other end that answered my response to the message within an hour. A huge plus to them.
I've actually been thinking of going to April's Synapsi for about a month now, a bit longer. Will have to see, although it'd sure be interesting. And convenient, if everything'd stop going wrong I'd be in Helsinki on the 8th anyway, and it's on the 9th. Although everything does appear to insist on going wrong, so I don't know...
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12/27/08 07:53 pm

Guess I should post something again.

Feeling somewhat better. Not much, but somewhat. Got to play looong last night with kitty, that was good. <3 We ended up going to Jeuno and then walking back to San d'Oria, I' screenies later. And post the previous screenies too. Actually, I think I'll have to divide this into two or three posts, there's so much new stuff. I haven't even posted Davoi screenies yet. =D;
Need to seriously start farming again, though. I'm totally out of gil, on both my characters. This is not good. Ella still needs a Starlight Celebration tree (that's 10,000 gil right there) and Jenare needs all the missing spells (only for sale in Jeuno) that I couldn't afford just yet and I'm gonna need new equips soon again.. @__@

One of my externals has stopped working. .___. It's the one with all my music on it (..minus FF soundtracks). I guess it's good that if one of them had to get difficult, it would be that. The other external has my Final Fantasy files, and some of those are not backed up yet. The back-ups are on the Linux side and I have no reason to switch to Linux right now. Suvi's internet connection refuses to work on it.
I guess I finally need to install the printer on Windows side. Boo. I'm afraid it'll mess up with its connectivity to Linux. I don't want to do that, but I guess it's unavoidable. Unless I want to make things difficult and save every file I need to print from the internet to an external, switch to Linux, and print all the stuff there. =D;

Twisted my knee earlier. Fell. Woollen socks are dangerous on a floor with no carpets. @__@ And my other knee has this huge bruise on it and it's swelling and stuffs. I guess I'm alright, as long as I don't touch the knee with the bruise, or bend the knee that got twisted. *sweatdrop*
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10/21/08 07:16 am

you are paleturquoise

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is low - You stay out of stressful situations and advise others to do the same. You may not be the go-to person when something really needs done, but you know never to blow things out of proportion.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
the html color quiz

Memes aside, haven't really done much anything. Got two stacks of Crayfish sold in FF11, so I could finally afford the Pumpkin lantern. 10k gil. Dirt-poor again, but at least I have a Pumpkin lantern for my house. Now I just need to visit San d'Oria and put it up...
And then I finished playing Tales of the Tempest, and it was totally anticlimactic. I do not appreciate the story ending around the 20-hour mark in an RPG, even if it's on a handheld.
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10/2/08 07:54 pm

I'm way too used to Ubuntu. A bit ago, I wanted to get rid of the WinAmp window, pressed the little 'X'..and wondered why the music stopped playing. Great job, genius. >.> (for reference, Amarok runs just fine in the toolbar) Plus! It appears I can't drag and drop windows in the...err, the place which shows the windows and what other programs you have running. What's up with that? How did I ever survive with windows scattered all over the place instead of in the exact order I want them to be in? *sweatdrop*


Final Fantasy 11. Updating the game took me closer to five hours..but I did finally get into the game. Discovered that I'd lost nothing! o.o They warned that you'll lose items set up for auction and the items in your delivery box, but to my amazement I found items in both.. good work, SE. x)
I also discovered that I had way more gil than I remembered ever having. 14,143 gil to be exact. Whoa. xD; But it doesn't do me any good really, an item I have to get to get more inventory space (and thus make earning gil easier) costs 15,000 gil. So yeah. Plus there's the Selbina-Mhaura ferry fee, I can't remember how much it is and I need to use it anyway to get to Windurst. To pick up mah kitty, you see.
Did some quests I hadn't finished and were easily doable, so you get the following....

Screenies! FF11! )

I planted some vegetables since I had one pouch of seeds left, so I should probably go check up on them. And the auctions I set up, I had too many items so I had to sell some off. I just need to get them sold before I do world transfer, so a bit worried about that...

7/9/08 12:53 am

Latest news from US: they're now planning ('considering') to make passengers on airplanes carry these wristbands that can send a bolt of electricity through you and make you unable to move. You know, just in case you get unruly.
Every time I hear something like this my decision to never go to that messed up country gets that much stronger, and I'm glad about it. How the mighty fall.

In MLaaK, I've had time to explore a grand total floor. At the Infinity Spire, I mean. And I've taken down two of the legendary foes at that floor, but nothing else. So much to do, so much to do... I did manage to get that third bulletin board, but it's not helping too much, it seems. One's for low-low level behests (information about dungeons, looking for misplaced items, Infinity Spire for now..), one for early to mid 30's (or the only level 20-something dungeon that's left, the Barbair Abyss), and one for higher-level stuff (right now, looking for level 45 ingredients. One more of those left, then I'll move my best team to Isle of Giants. It's a bit (/way too) low-level for them, but they need experience somewhere before taking on a level 40-something dungeon. I think I'm going for the weapon shop then...that should be manageable)
The castle expansion, by the was completely useless. Well, except maybe if you want to have one extra dungeon and a life-bar boss. For a level 39 dungeon! What cheating. I had to pause all operations for two days for what amounted to being..nothing. Well okay, you can rename your adventurers with it. Big deal, not interested. Okay, you can check all family relations from it quite conveniently. Big deal, family relations don't really matter other than if they're at max and you can get medals from that family, but you can't see that particular bit of info from the castle. Okay, so there's a jukebox too. Not useful either (other than for letting me know the titles of those songs) since you can only listen to it at the jukebox menu. *sigh* Wouldn't recommend getting it unless you really want to change the names of your adventurers or are a total completionist like me.

Now that I started playing MLaaK again, this insane urge to write fanfic for it came back. I already caved in before and wrote one short piece, seems that there'll have to be more.

The judge missions in FFTA bother me. Why the heck did I start FFTA2 when I still haven't totally finished FFTA? *sighs and shakes head* Maybe I'll persuade myself to night to finish a couple more of them...

As I mentioned in my last post, L'Épée du Gardien II (part 5 of the FF11 novelization series) was kinda boring. Finished reading it today, and Doug&co really did do almost nothing else but reach Kazham. Well, they went out to the jungle and got attacked. That's it. End of book, to be continued. D: I can't really approve of this dividing one book into three parts. They were released like this originally too, but that doesn't stop the three parts of it being a complete book, and this second part being the boring middle. The same thing happened with the first trilogy in the series...

6/18/08 04:51 am

Argh. Arghargharg. I've got the external for Windows now, but turns out one of my sisters has taken my XP install disk. And no matter how many times I tell her to bring it to me, no matter how many times she comes to town in the meanwhile, she just won't... >.<
So still Window-less. Not that I want to hasten having to install that buggy thing (that external could be used for so much more!) but dammit, I need my FF11 crack, and since it still won't work under Wine, this is pretty much the only option. D:

Need something to do to distract myself from this...

6/16/08 10:08 am

Hmm. Was supposed to go shopping for an external HD, but that got delayed by a couple writing an entry. I keep missing days for some reason...

Been playing FFCC. Yes, the original Crystal Chronicles. =D Went through Moschet Manor, Veo Lu Sluice and Shella as new places, and then repeated Mines of Cathuriges and Tida a couple times..more than a couple times...I have this obsession with keeping at least my four first people up for some fighting. *sweatdrop* It takes some time, but it's fun. I think. Possibly. Maybe.
Well, if it's not exactly 'fun', it's almost as addictive as My Life as a King, IMO.
My village is full, but as I said, I'm mostly only using the four first characters I made, one of each race. Even if they're already somewhat customized in stats (as I naturally haven't picked the same artifacts for them after clearing dungeons), it's great to notice how the difference in their stats and attacks really affects your playing style.
(my main character is a Selkie. After the frailty and relative weakness of a Selkie, playing a Lilty is like turning on god mode, even if my main Lilty doesn't have nearly as many artifacts as my main Selkie...their natural attack is that much higher, then? Or do the weapons have that great a difference?)

I'm on the third year and have played 15+ hours on that save file. I blame the additional people to train. I have an old save file from a multi-player game with my sister, that's on fourth year and has only 14+ hours.

By the way, the external? (or just regular, not quite sure yet) It's for Windows. After installing Windows, I'll of course install Final Fantasy XI on it (why else would I want Windows?). Oh gods, YES! Finally! *____*
..well, can't reactivate my account until July. They don't do half-months in billing other than right after the initial free 30-day trial period (SE, damn you, get to this century) so if I re-activated it right away, I'd have to pay for the entire June. But I can install it and have it ready and waiting, and all the files conveniently there to obsess over in Altana Viewer. I've missed that almost as much as the game itself. =D;
...buying said HD is also the reason why I can get neither FFTA2 nor FF7CC this month. Compared to those two, the opportunity to play FF11 again wins, no question about it.

Can you tell that Kitty gave me a deadline of re-activating my account at the start of July? I mean, how long have I been talking about doing something about my FF11-less state, a year? xD;;
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6/7/08 01:14 am - Ixion is come!

"The raging flame, whose lapping tongues but a moment ago had threatened to scorch the underbelly of the sky, had regressed to wisps of smoke unfurling hypnotically in the cool breeze. An elderly knight, a veteran of countless campaigns, lies half buried in smoldering debris with limbs entangled with those of fallen friends and foes, his pallid complexion masked in the grey and crimson of ash and caking blood. He stares with glazed eyes at clouds drifting lazily across the dusk sky, his head swimming in the mingled smell of rusted metal, burnt foliage, and death. The faint whistling of the wind is a soothing song compared to the horror-filled shrieks that accompanied the sickening sound of flesh and bone giving way to tempered steel."

Awesome. This be a Final Fantasy? =D (you can read the rest of the Ixion introduction here. Link is to the official FF11 US site)
I miss FF11 so much. Want to try out Wings of the Goddess. ;___;

Tor's latest free ebook was Orphans of Chaos by John Wright. Unlike usually, I read it straight away. The cover looked interesting. :P
Anyway, there are no words to describe the excellency of the beginning of that book. Everything in it was just right. It got a bit..weird, later on, but the concept is still very interesting. I'm tempted to go find out more of the series...
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4/13/08 09:38 pm

Me wants my Vampire Knight epi 2. .___. It's already almost morning in Japan anyway, and TV Tokyo shows VK at..what was it, 1 AM? On Monday, obviously.
In the meantime, I'm about to watch 魔人探偵脳噛ネウロ epi 24, the second-to-last episode. Boo. Want more Neuro. I used to have hair a bit like his, just with the colors switched. And, you know, the dark parts weren't really dark brown but black. And my hair was much longer than his. (..where's the resemblance again?)

Almost finished reading 遥かなる翼! Only 50-ish pages left, and I thought to leave them for tomorrow. If you think of reading as practice, it's a lot more useful to spread it out on different days than read it all on one go. Well, it isn't really just practice, but still...with shipping costs like Amazon's, I'm not too eager to order stuff from them often.

I thought of this one interesting thing I could do...I'm just not sure if I have enough information to do it, and not too certain if I can easily find comprehensive guides to the parts I know I don't know. If not, it might take rather long to actually do it.. ah well, it's not like it's urgent, or that I wouldn't have anything else to do. Just an interesting thought.

4/10/08 02:10 pm

An interesting thing happened just now. Remember the order I placed at Well, no wonder the shipping&handling was so expensive.
I was just on my way to buy some food when I got a call from some courier service, saying I had a package from Japan. =D; A special delivery of mail? In Finland? From Japan? In three days? Wow. I shall wonder about that cost no more. (usually I pick a rather cheap option of promised delivery in a week or two and sometimes no tracking even. My games usually cost me around two or three euros in shipping&handling)
Although I'd still prefer if there was a cheaper option available. I couldn't see any other option in the order form, and even the FAQ stated just that one price for international orders. Will just have to make sure to order more stuff in one order in the future. 4,000 yen, really now... x__X

So, what did I order? Two books in the Final Fantasy XI novel series of course. I looked at the French version offerings at, and noticed that they'd apparently changed the fifth part's release date to...last December. And that it wasn't available at all other than from non-Amazon sellers, and they only shipped within France. So I got bored of this eternal question of what language I should buy the series in and just switched to Japanese.
Although to be honest, I did skip the fifth and sixth parts of the series in the vain hope that I can get them in French sometime soon. You see, there are several different storylines within the series. Parts 4-6 are of one group (and are in fact a trilogy within the series, Sword of Protection Books I-III), and parts 1-3 and 7 are of another. Even though time passes between books 3 and 7 (and one of the group's members appears in 4-6) I figured it should still be understandable enough even if I skip books 5 and 6 for now.
...the only problem is that part 8 starts another trilogy of the second group, the one that appeared in parts 4-6. Oops. Forgot to take that into consideration when ordering these books. =D;;

Talking of the series, its latest part, Happy Gift (..yes, it's really called that. Well, ハッピー­ギフト, but that's the same thing), was released on the 29th of March. It's the 25th part in the series...

Anyway, I'm not too certain how I'll do with reading these books. I've never tried reading something as long as a whole book in Japanese before. It somehow doesn't bode well that I had to resort to a dictionary just to understand the title of the 7th book, 遥かなる翼... I mean, I was familiar with both words, I just didn't know what 'haruka' was in kanji, and didn't remember what 'tsubasa' was (trust me, I can remember it now). Even in the title of the 8th book, 騎士の誇りI, I had to consult a dictionary before understanding the last word (hokori/pride). This does not bode well at all...
I guess I should think of it as a good thing. More practice is always good, right? =D;
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