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11/4/09 04:45 pm

Hello there November. Nanowrimo is..doing surprisingly well, compared to some past years. I have some 7,9k words, which is barely a 100 words less than I wanted to have by today (doing 2k/day as usual, although I've never really kept up with that pace for long). I suppose that's a good improvement from yesterday, when I started writing way late - as in, had about an hour left of the day - and ended up scrunching in a bit over 1k words. Ah well. I've made up for it today.

While looking at my notes I discovered that my remaining scenes will net me some 22k words more, presuming my scene average stays the same. I suppose this was to be expected, and it's not like I even meant to carry through the whole Nano with just those scenes. Still, I'm suddenly wondering if I shouldn't be looking through my random notes/questions file for Mythopoeia, coming up with exact scenes needed based on them. Writing by the plan seems to be going surprisingly well this year, so I might want more scenes planned out.

10/20/09 05:23 pm

Let's try this posting thing again. As usual, you'll probably skip over the entry if you're not interested in FF11. xD;

I've had a lot of small stuff to do recently, stuff that I should have done long ago. All those long lists of stuff to do was kind of oppressive, and made me not want to level much anything. After all, that time could be better spent catching up on the small stuff... There's been various little quests, some NMs to camp, and most of all a couple annoying BLU spells to get. Since last week I've been slowly trying to get everything done, and am actually nearing the list of stuff I can do by myself. Now that's something! =D

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I really, really like playing Blue Mage I've found. Even with all the spell-farming. Maybe because of all the spell-farming. It gives leveling another goal than just getting more and more exp. So far, I'm buried in spells to get on BLU. And while I'm certain that it won't be quite so busy on that front later (levels need more exp to get, and spells aren't getting any more frequent, the opposite in fact) but it still gives nice intermediary goals on the way to 75.

Maybe, when I'm done with one more quest and getting that Blastbomb, I'll finally try out Dark Knight too...I've been meaning to do that for ages.

10/6/09 02:32 pm

My reaction this morning when doorbell rang: "..buh? @__@" A big package greeted me. Confusion. Checking the sender. ...oh yeah, the kitty sent me a package. Realization.'s THAT big? No wonder she complained about the cost of sending it.
Open package. Stare.


Damn you kitty, now I can't in any conceivable way claim I'm not a total geek. xD (yes yes, I should really get that camera sometimes. Cellphone picture still suffices for this purpose)
Anyway, thank you. I'm branded a geek for life but thank you. Yes, I do like it. And damn, how much did you spend on this, arrgh. xD;
Well, seems that I got my first PlayArts figure quite a bit earlier than I expected. I've looked at them before and contemplated buying (and ways of buying, considering how much it sucks to try to get anything of this kind delivered to Finland) but..yeah.

What else...I'm sure I had something else to write about too. Hmm. Well, I'll write about it later when I can remember what it was.

9/15/09 06:21 pm

Happy birthday me and so on. You know it's your birthday when your email inbox is full of "happy birthday" messages.

Something really weird happened last night while playing Final Fantasy XI. I was idling on Black Mage in northern San d'Oria, and when I came back from AFK, I noticed I'd...gotten a party invite. xD;; Not only was I idling with no flag up, I was also in a party already (we were having a dinner break). Made me go a bit wtf... I checked later, the person who invited me wasn't even a BLM trying to come up with a manaburn, no. Not even a low-level party in Valkurm desperate for some healing and willing to invite a BLM to do it. They were a DNC/MNK, so a straight-out DD, and the party was in Qufim. I mean..seriously, wtf? xD;;

As usual, there's not really anything else to write about. My life. Have you seen it? I think it must be hiding from me.

8/17/09 10:22 pm dreams from last night bother me. I don't remember much, just that I saw two with post-apocalypse themes. Or maybe the first one was right during it, or at least during a long fall to chaos. It's been a while since I last saw dreams that linger with me as long as these do.

Played FF11 too long yesterday. Kitty wanted to make a party with my PLD and her BRD, and we ended up making one which mostly broke up after a couple levels, and then a second one that took us to 18/19. The second one would've even continued if we'd wanted to, but the DNC had to go and Kai (our WAR) wanted to try his hand at the summer event since there was a lot of downtime (Kitty had to go eat dinner). Ended up helping him get his yukata (summer event reward), and escorted him first back to Valkurm to get the OP, then through Konschtat to get his Dem crystal to Jeuno. xD; Well, it never hurts helping others, especially in this game. We even tried to make a Qufim party afterwards but it broke up soon with our THF DCing, DNC having to go, and COR deciding to go as well since he was there only to help out the THF. =D; Even so, this whole process took..what, 12 hours? Played way too long.

...I guess I did reasonably well, even though it was my first experience playing in a full party. And in such an important position too! But I did manage to keep the vokes pretty regular (it has a 30-second recast) and judging by how long the second party was willing to stick with us, I can't have done too badly. There were a couple instances when the mob almost got to the mages, but that was generally in the instances I needed a lot of curing and voke came up a second or two too late to keep its attention on me. Although there was this one fight where I was seriously distracted for some reason, didn't manage to keep up my voke cycle, and let the WAR (Kai) drop down to half health. Oops. .___.;;
Not to mention the Qufim party, a real nightmare. I felt bad about it, but I couldn't keep voking the mob regularly in that party. I was a level under the lowest level recommendation, and very squishy. I had to spread hate a bit to keep alive (if I died with the worm at quarter health, that wouldn't be good), but I still felt really bad about it. Especially since the THF kept grabbing hate. :/ Lesson learned, no more Qufim parties on PLD until after a couple more levels. I feel like apologizing to the THF in person, but I guess that'd be just silly. =D;
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8/8/09 03:18 pm

Eh-heh, I guess I should finally post something. =D;; Certainly been much longer than I thought it has been.

Final Fantasy XIV! :O Cut for rambling )

This week was mostly spent waiting for actual scans of the FF14 article and obsessively going over it in an attempt to glean every hint from the info given. xD;

Sunbreeze Festival has started in Final Fantasy XI. I haven't really had the time or interest to even think of participating in the event yet. Tomorrow at the very least I'll play some, since Sunday is mine and Kitty's FF11 day. Last time we played we spent hours and hours just fishing on the Mhaura-Selbina ferry. xD; Well, and killing some select monsters that appear on it. We even got attack by pirates twice, but didn't get the items we need from them. Bah, should go again to wait for more pirate attacks...we've had that particular quest active for ages, it'd be really great to finally get rid of it.
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7/28/09 06:38 pm

Arrgh, have played entirely too much the past couple days. So much, in fact, that earlier today my whole left hand started hurting a bit. It faded with an hour-long break, but when I started playing again my left thumb (on the DS, I'd usually be pressing the joint down on the center of the arrow keys and use it like that) went all funky. It's tingling - or more specifically, the joint is tingling. And starts hurting if there's any substantial pressure on it. Oops. Methinks it's time to keep a longer break from playing. At least until tomorrow or so. =D;;

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Echoes of Time )

It bothers me that to be able to hire one of the mercenaries in Echoes of Time, you need to have a minimum of five people on your friend roster. Anyone have on the flist have the game and access to wifi? >.>'

7/26/09 07:36 am

If there wasn't so much lag in wifi multi-player mode in Echoes of Time, it'd be a lot more pleasant to play... The last couple days, I've been playing that, both single and multi-player. Kitty got the game finally so we've been playing together quite a lot.

Echoes of Time )

This is making me want to pick up Ring of Fates again. I still have quite a lot of the multi-player mode to go through, and I haven't even tried New Game+...

7/8/09 01:25 pm

Google Chrome OS? Wowza. Should've been expecting that I guess, with all the rumors floating about. But I didn't, not after Android. And here we are, with a Google OS on the horizon. Awesome: :O
It looks like the best option by far for laptops and netbooks. I mean, when would you normally use those things..on the go. And there's really no need for a heavy-duty OS with all the relics of a by-gone era bundled in with it (desktop calendars, document and picture editing, music and video playing software, etc) when all you really need is the web. Chrome OS deals away with the middle-man (the OS interface with all its extra software) and goes straight to the point (the web). Go, go, Google. That's a bold new path they're forging there. =D Combine Chrome OS with Google Wave, and there's some really exciting things coming from Google.

..if you're not familiar with Google Wave (it's not yet released), it's basically this web platform that combines email, different chat softwares, social networking sites, wikis, collaborative documents, video, music, etc. Everything that you can imagine getting some use out of working on it together or enjoying the experience together and then some, it's all in Wave. You can't really describe it well, you have to see it for yourself to see how innovative it actually is. It's truly the next generation of web interaction, and a shining example of what can be done when you break out of the old ways of doing things.

I've been looking around for a good world map of Final Fantasy I, but haven't had any luck with it. So I finally got fed up with it and decided to draw my own. Got the continent boundaries and places of different terrains and the places of dungeons and cities from a conveniently big scanned map that I found, and am well on my way to prettifying it. Got the basic map down, just need to add some details. And wait for Kitty to come up with all map icons since she promised to try. Sorry for putting the hardest part off on you, Kitty. xD;
It looks promising so far. Depending on the result, I might have to repeat the process for most other early FF games at least. It's something I've been planning on doing for a while. Mashups of the in-game graphics (NES, SNES times) in huge size are nice and all, but they're not really much to look at. Especially if you scanned it from a decades-old paper-map you got with the game and the map was all worn out by the time you scanned it, leaving white lines all over it in the places you'd folded it in...
The things I do for waff, really. *shakes head*

6/26/09 12:39 am

My sleep cycle is waaaay out of 'normal' again. Woke up closer to 8...that is, PM. If I continue like this, thankfully I'll get it to within 'normal' range by next week, when I kind of need to be up during the day. But figures this would happen right after I get rid of not being able to sleep. Of course it would.
Well, not that it matters any, other than on those rare days when I have stuff to do.

Went shopping today, before going to sleep. Why's it have to be so damn hot here? D: And I read somewhere that it's going to continue until next week, too. Not pleasant. I have no clue what made me think moving this much south was a good idea, it's been hot for ages and it's certainly not helping with the sleep issues.
Anyway. Was quite surprised to notice that a regular book store here sells manga in Japanese. O.o; A few anyway. They only had Loveless volumes 6 and 7. But still! That' surprising. There's enough of a market here to have even that much? Well damn. Bought vol 6, since that was towards the end of my trip and I'd already spent most my money. It's really better to have everything in the original language, isn't it. So much more depth in the non-translated version, and you can be sure no translator bound by company rules has gone mucking around with the meanings. That happens more in anime (interesting point, by the way. Are manga fans just more vocal about their likes, or are anime seen in western countries as too much associated with children to avoid overt censorship?) but doesn't mean manga is entirely clear of it.
Also bought The Tales of Beedle the Bard. It was only a couple euro anyway, and I kind of forgot all about it until now. =D;

Played Final Fantasy XI aaaaall of last night. Didn't mean to. But I did some crafting and then got the idea that I want to level Ellanore to 20 and get her subjob unlocked. So I grabbed Kitty and off we went to Valkurm. Used up one Emperor and one Anniversary charge (in fact, I still have the latter in effect, since Kitty's internet went poof and it was late enough that it wasn't worth it to wait for it to maybe come back) and gained two and a half levels (to within a couple hundred exp of level 19) and one of the three subjob items. It actually dropped from the first mob of appropriate type that we killed. xD Gotta love the Treasure Hunter effect.
Not quite high enough level yet to take on Damselflies for the second drop (or maybe we are and are just being overly cautious?), but will be soon. And Kitty will PL me for the last item. So I think next time we can play I'll get that objective done. =D

6/23/09 04:02 am

Final Fantasy XI screenshot post time. Discovered that I'm closing in on 2000 screenshots taken in total. Figured it was about time I tried catching up to that. xD
These are from May and thereabouts.

Qufim, Kazham, and a trip to the past )

That makes 49 screenshots in this post. A bit more than usually, but I wanted to get our first visit to the past posted, and this made for some considerable progress in catching up. =D;
Next up...another visit to the past, yet another attempt at the dragon battle in nation mission 2-3, and seeing more of Ranperre's Tomb than I ever wanted to see.

6/10/09 08:48 pm

Argh, headache. Shouldn't play so much. *stretches* All wound up now, not very pleasant. And I'm tired, didn't get enough sleep last night.

Turns out I wasn't right at the end of Ceodore's tale just yet, had to go through Mist Cave first. Forgot that part...anyway, went through the remaining parts of Ceodore's tale and all of Kain's tale today. The story's still as screwed up as ever. =D; Will go through Rydia's tale tomorrow. Don't want to play anymore today.
I'm severely disagreeing with slapping Kain's tale right after Ceodore's. Parts of it make absolutely no sense unless you know what happens in the other tales, the ones that are supposed to come before it...

Got things settled down on the Linux side now. Even transferred all the new files I could remember creating on the storage external to my computer, although I'm not too certain I caught all of them. So inconvenient, this.
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6/8/09 05:22 pm

Where does all the time disappear?

Final Fantasy blabber )

Been some time since I properly listened to Nightwish, hasn't it... I don't much like the new singer, but the Once album is pretty damn good. =D
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6/2/09 10:57 pm

Final Fantasy XIV Online. Oh. Em. Gee. Guess who'll be starting with the launch this time, monthly fees be damned.

6/1/09 02:12 pm

Too hot to do anything else. So you get a screenshot post again, this time suspiciously close to the last one...maybe I'll catch up one day yet.

Tons of screenies, several days IRL )

Hey, only about 400 screenshots to go through and decide which ones to post! =D I usually post about one screenshot in four, so that'd make around 100 screenies to post before I'm fully caught up...
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