Incoherent Thoughts

May 30th, 2011

12:43 pm

I...I think Knights of the Crystals (the Square Enix Facebook clicky-game I've been playing since October) has taken over Chrysalis. Most of the traffic to the site is to the KotC section, a good portion of the rest to the FF Trading Card Game section. Along with the addition of complete or almost complete content for these two, my visitor count and page views have skyrocketed. Getting consistently some 100-200 visitors per day (with some days going closer to 500), a good number of which click forward to another page. Better than before in any case. And Facebook is now a major referrer to my site, which means people are sharing the links. This is awesome if you didn't realize.

I think I can pretty safely say I have the best English-language content on the web for both of those (yes, I've been checking periodically), so I'm pretty content with this development.

In case I didn't mention it before here, I added translations of all card text and rules of the game to the FF-TCG section on Chrys. I'm happy people are using it. =D I have a booster pack box of them in the mail (didn't arrive today, baw. Hopefully tomorrow then) in the mail, and am planning to get the Chapter II entry set decks asap. They were only released on the 27th so I haven't had the chance to order them yet.
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