Incoherent Thoughts

September 22nd, 2010

04:04 pm

Did somebody kidnap the real Square Enix and put an impersonator at its place? The Final Fantasy XIV players' site is actually informative. It has some damn crafting recipes even! o____o;; I was already amazed enough that they're actually fixing guildleves since they'd insisted before they should be on a 48-hour cooldown. But no, they made it less for retail version. Coming from SE, this is kind of blowing my mind. They're listening to players. Did hell freeze over?

Well, it's not like they're perfect. Despite everyone and their mother clamoring for camera-on-arrow-keys, they've still kept it on moving menu cursor. And have a separate set of keys for camera. And yet another separate set for moving. No target-closest-NPC key either. And you still have to press spacebar before you can type anything instead of it automatically opening the chat box when you press any key while not pressing ctrl/alt. They've also still neglected to add hotkeys for inventory/equip screen/etc. From the looks of things, there's still no way to scroll the text/chat log from the keyboard either, or change its tabs. They also still have you idiotically going through the main menu to open doors and treasure chests and such. This sucks pretty hard...
One can only hope the majority of our would-be casuals don't start at launch. The control system is more than enough to turn anyone away unless they're a die-hard fan.
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