Incoherent Thoughts

March 14th, 2010

01:06 pm

Being bored is detrimental to my munnies. When FF13 still hadn't arrived by Friday (what's keeping it? Getting kinda worried :/), I went on ahead and bought Crystal Bearers. Been playing it pretty much non-stop, with the vague intention of beating it once before concentrating on FF13. My hand is protesting this plan seriously. Grabbing anything heavier than an empty glass is painful. This is why I don't like Wii games, they're no good for hardcore playing. xD;;

As for the game itself, I was seriously, seriously surprised when I started it up. It's so much fun!. I never tire of meeting new (or old) enemies and trying to find all the reactions for them. Never thought tossing things around could be so addictive. O.o;
The story, too. I'm 20 hours in (most of which has been spent on various minigames. Maybe it'd be more accurate to say I just reached Rivelgauge), and it's proven quite surprisingly good. When I head what type of a game it was slated out to be, it lowered my expectations for it quite severely. Turns out I shouldn't have been so worried at all. The game's stellar in its own category (although as usual, I'm not so hot on the voice acting). My only gripe with it is the time required for miasma streams to appear. When you just want to do some minigames, it's way too soon. When you just want to fight some monsters, it takes ages. They really should've tried to think of another solution for that. Other than that and the voices, the only thing even vaguely bothering me is the camera controls, which can be a little clumsy.
It's such a shame how abysmal the game's sales have been. That pretty much guarantees that an innovative and fun game like this won't see its strong points carried on. And when for once there's been some real innovation in the series. :/ Well, it's not like I can seriously blame others for their perception of the game, I did that too before I picked it up.'s a real shame.
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