Incoherent Thoughts

January 20th, 2010

09:17 pm

Warning: this is yet another post about Final Fantasy XI.

Finally reached level 50 RDM. =D I'd hoped to get to that by the end of December, but kitty's work schedule got too hectic for us to arrange enough time online together to achieve that. But...hooray! Now we're finally there! Only 25 more levels to go to final level cap, and what's facing us now is the first level limit break quest, as well as the artifact armor quests. Finally I'll be able to look like a real red mage, complete with the red feathered hat...
Well, just as soon as I hit lv 60 first. The last of the AFs (the hat) has a lv 60 requirement, but I can wear the first piece by lv 52. Just gotta go obtain them now. What worries me now is getting the money for the rest of my new equipment. Damn is stuff expensive at these levels.

I think I've said it before, but Kupofried's ring is made of awesome. I used up one charge of it while bored, and ended up getting my blue mage from barely level 20 to lv 23 in one session. Solo. >D Which is just as well, kitty recently helped me learn Poison Breath, and that's the last of the spells I needed to learn that I can use before lv 30. My level kind of needs catching up with my spells.
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