Incoherent Thoughts

December 7th, 2009

11:26 pm

Yesterday was a damn good day in FF11.

Well, it didn't start too spectacularly. But then we both leveled (lv 48 now, awesome! Lv 50 is suddenly so very close. Maybe we'll even get our first limit break done this year) and Kitty teleported me way up north so I could get the Fauregandi Outpost.
That done, we headed to Bastok to finally camp Lizzy again. We were the only ones there, and did get the claim on her, and..well, I somehow ended up going 1/1 on the boots! :O The bane of everyone's lives, and the first time I got the claim (well, Kitty did that, but we were there to get the boots for me) she put out. I've heard horror stories of people going some 0/30+ on the boots, so this is definitely something to celebrate. Now I have my fancy boots that are good from single-digit levels until 40s or later on some jobs. Awesome. xD

Spurned on by my success so far, when Kitty went to sleep I switched to my BLU and headed out to attempt learning Healing Breeze, once again. (my fancy boots immediately got some use, BLU is one of those jobs mentioned) That'd be the fourth day for me, with every 'day' having 2-3 hour sessions. Sure enough, something odd was going on with the dhalmels. All but one of them used Healing Breeze. o___o And quickly too, some before 50% HP, others promptly at around 25% HP mark. I don't get it! Before, I'd do whatever I could to feed them TP while still keeping them alive, and they'd absolutely refuse to use that damn spell. Well, with all the Healing Breeze spam they did, it was no trick at all to learn it. I got it after only 50 minutes! And that's not even all. Overjoyed at the thought that I wouldn't have to prevent myself from killing them again, I ran around simply butchering every dhalmel in sight for a bit. And what do I see? Serpopard Ishtar. I know, useless random NM, lol. But still. An NM with a (useless) unique drop. I proceeded to take it down. From the comments at the lolwiki it seems that mostly BLUs have come across it. I now consider killing Ishtar a BLU initiation rite of kinds. You're not a real one if you haven't killed it while trying to learn Healing Breeze. xD

Afterwards, considered going out and butchering some higher-level dhalmels in Buburimu, but decided against it since all kinds of storage are just about full with random crap I need to sell already. xD Will do it today, hopefully at least something has sold while I slept.
Today they also did the rest of the 'November' update finally. Not even really sure what they added besides the new crafting system - or did they just add that?, will have to check before logging in.

..wait, what? RL? Does that thing really exist? Woah, I could've sworn it didn't!
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