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August 7th, 2008

11:59 pm

Ugh. Tonberries. I hate Karma. D: Managed to die in a mission evaluated as 'Normal', the second of the Tonberry ones. What was there, five of them in that final battle? I managed to kill one before getting KO'd. Yay for me.
Oh, and this is Crisis Core, naturally.
Maybe I'll try one of the other missions available before taking on that one again. The others are Hard (and one Very Hard), but..even so, they should be easier than the Tonberry one. (I've had this aversion to Tonberries ever since I first played FF8, and tried out the quest for GF Tonberry... now, every time one appears on the screen, even in a game where they are relatively easy, I freak out completely. Go, go, Tonberries)
In the actual storyline, I just got out of Banora. Have been doing optional missions since that. There sure is a lot of them..I'm as usual quite determined to do everything I can, but my enthusiasm is getting kinda dampened. They just keep appearing... (and ever since I got my hands on the optional missions for the first time, I've completed everything I could before moving forward. It makes the actual story..kinda sorta too easy)

Ever heard of Roger Garth? I stumbled on a picture of him last night, and the experience was quite..err... well, take a look. That's a guy.
This is why I love androgyny. :)
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