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8/13/11 07:17 pm

So. The Final Fantasy Type-0 demo-thing came out on Thursday. Been playing it a bit. You can get it off the JP PSN for free if you're interested.

It's...hard. A lot harder than I would have expected. This was also the case with Duodecim's demo (or more particularly, the part about it where you tried to finish everything) so maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised. And that at least lets me hope the actual game is manageable...well, the demo is too. It's just that it requires several hours of killing stuff to get used to it - and to get some levels so you're not quite so frail.

When I first clicked on that New Game and watched the opening videos, I was all o____o about them. Certainly more violent than would be expected of your standard FF title.
The basic controls are manageable, although I've never been too fond of camera on arrow keys on the PSP. In Dissidia it's manageable since the camera's pretty good about following and turning, but in Type-0 it's not quite so's definitely required to use them every now and then. Something that requires getting used to is all the L+ and R+ controls, especially the functions under L weren't exactly intuitive to find. It's gotten manageable after first finding them though.

The special order-missions are a real pain to complete. So far I've only tried them on the first mission (heck, I've only tried the first mission and the battle practice) and there isn't a single try yet when I'd have gotten them all done. Firstly, they're highly context-sensitive. If you're intending on killing the enemies on screen before signing up for one, think again. The order is likely about those enemies, and you can no longer complete it after killing them. What makes it worse is that if you don't realize that fact and run around stupidly and run out of time for the SO, you'll die when the timer reaches zero. I don't know what the logic behind it is (to die because you can't find one hidden item?), but there it is. Be careful about signing up for those SOs, folks.
So, what you have to do is get away from the fray of battle a bit, quickly tap L+down, read the Japanese text detailing what you must do, and then just as quickly change gears and return to battle with these new instructions in mind. And hope that while you were reading, the 'helper' characters didn't kill your targets. If you're strong enough, I'd recommend going solo. All the time. Just so you have a bit of a chance at completing the SOs.
What makes them doubly annoying is that failing the first mission in a zone will likely lead to next mission in the zone being incompletable... although for sure, if you sign up to a SO and realize after that you can't complete it anymore, just zone. The SO will disappear, but at least you won't die.

With all this, the game somehow manages to be insanely fun. Maybe it's all the head-work you gotta do to figure out how to do the SOs. Explore every nook and cranny, take note of out-of-ordinary features, memorize the objectives, plan ahead, practice your battle skills, and hopefully your next time through the mission you'll be able to complete a couple more SOs, and finally all of them...although that remains a distant dream so far for me right now. For the life of me I can't complete the snow giant SO, so I'm likely missing some reaction from that to be able to complete the second SO in that least I think. Possibly.
Likewise, I'm wondering if it's possible to kill the mech outside the building, and if you get anything from that. And also wondering how to open the backs of the two trucks on the first combat zone, since the way back closes before you get the it even possible, I wonder.

5/30/11 12:43 pm

I...I think Knights of the Crystals (the Square Enix Facebook clicky-game I've been playing since October) has taken over Chrysalis. Most of the traffic to the site is to the KotC section, a good portion of the rest to the FF Trading Card Game section. Along with the addition of complete or almost complete content for these two, my visitor count and page views have skyrocketed. Getting consistently some 100-200 visitors per day (with some days going closer to 500), a good number of which click forward to another page. Better than before in any case. And Facebook is now a major referrer to my site, which means people are sharing the links. This is awesome if you didn't realize.

I think I can pretty safely say I have the best English-language content on the web for both of those (yes, I've been checking periodically), so I'm pretty content with this development.

In case I didn't mention it before here, I added translations of all card text and rules of the game to the FF-TCG section on Chrys. I'm happy people are using it. =D I have a booster pack box of them in the mail (didn't arrive today, baw. Hopefully tomorrow then) in the mail, and am planning to get the Chapter II entry set decks asap. They were only released on the 27th so I haven't had the chance to order them yet.
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5/2/11 01:17 pm

Good day. I got my Final Fantasy Trading Card Game packs. =D Will have to definitely use Ami Ami again, their shipping fees were low like I've never seen from any Japanese store, and have an excellent selection of all sorts of fan goods. Like the cards. had them, but wouldn't ship them outside of Japan. Fail Amazon.
Was going to prepare for a very long shipping time, too, what with having picked the cheapest option for my cards. Wouldn't have needed to. Even with Easter mucking about with mail, I got my cards in two weeks.

So yeah. Proud owner of the Black and White entry packs now. Damn Duodecim for introducing me to the cards though, I didn't need another black hole for my money, especially from Square Enix. ;___;
...I even have a copy of V-Jump in the mail, simply because it has that Vaan Pirate Suit costume DLC code for Duodecim and the equivalent card. I'm now even more annoyed by how I didn't manage to snag a copy of that V-Jump issue with Squall, or the Game Japan issue with Vincent, or such stuff. Both came with promo cards. Good ones too. ;____; No hope of getting the tournament-participation promo cards, not even bothering to QQ over them (much).

More cards coming out soon. Drat. I want some booster packs of the original set, preferably a whole box worth of them so I can get that Tidus promo card. >.>

So. What have I been up to lately.
FFs? And sillyboy. Yeah. That's about it. Picked up Final Fantasy XIV a while ago again, and damn if the game hasn't evolved much. Much as in it looks the same, but it sure plays different and has much much more content than back in October when I last played. There's even the 1.18 patch in a week or so (? I think?) that completely revamps the battle system. I'm of the firm opinion that if 1.18 doesn't manage to screw everything up (come revamps the battle system. Entirely. Tons of chance for epic fail there), this game is just about ready to go back to monthly payments.

Now, I'm hungry. Should go buy something to eat, fridge is eeeeemptyyyyy. @__@
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9/22/10 04:04 pm

Did somebody kidnap the real Square Enix and put an impersonator at its place? The Final Fantasy XIV players' site is actually informative. It has some damn crafting recipes even! o____o;; I was already amazed enough that they're actually fixing guildleves since they'd insisted before they should be on a 48-hour cooldown. But no, they made it less for retail version. Coming from SE, this is kind of blowing my mind. They're listening to players. Did hell freeze over?

Well, it's not like they're perfect. Despite everyone and their mother clamoring for camera-on-arrow-keys, they've still kept it on moving menu cursor. And have a separate set of keys for camera. And yet another separate set for moving. No target-closest-NPC key either. And you still have to press spacebar before you can type anything instead of it automatically opening the chat box when you press any key while not pressing ctrl/alt. They've also still neglected to add hotkeys for inventory/equip screen/etc. From the looks of things, there's still no way to scroll the text/chat log from the keyboard either, or change its tabs. They also still have you idiotically going through the main menu to open doors and treasure chests and such. This sucks pretty hard...
One can only hope the majority of our would-be casuals don't start at launch. The control system is more than enough to turn anyone away unless they're a die-hard fan.

8/9/10 07:52 pm

Hee, Edge and his harem. (this be Star Ocean 4 ramble, yes it be) I swear, it really is a harem. There's his girlfriend, the busty elf, the perky catgirl, the clumsy girl (complete with wings), the kid (who really fancies another member of his harem) and then there's the pretty alien boy. =D Plus a robot. Who's out of the count. He's married anyway.

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8/7/10 04:27 pm

Nice weather outside. Rain and thunder. First I was wondering if I'd been playing for longer than I thought, since it was all dark outside. xD It would be so much nicer though, if the temperature agreed. It's still dreadfully hot. My computer says 27 degrees. In August, yes. I hear they were supposed to have 30+ degrees in eastern Finland. The temperature lately has really been something unbelievable...

As a result of updating myself on the flist a couple days ago, I ended up getting Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It was an impulse buy for sure, but one that was extremely lucky. It's like the game was made for me. It has tons of stuff to 'collect' and micromanage and complete, and on top of that it has many long (long!) cutscenes. Where have you been all my life, Star Ocean. o___o
I've just escaped Earth, and I do believe I managed to miss something in there. It can't have been that short a sequence, right. One moment I was running down a long corridor and next moment there was a long cutscene with me frantically escaping the place. Ah well. I've missed so much stuff before that it doesn't exactly matter...I'm more treating this run of the game as a practice thing. Try see how many quests I can find and how much of the bestiary I can fulfill in one go before getting extremely bored and just charging on ahead. The bestiary at least shouldn't be a problem, from how the boss entries are in it I'm thinking it follows you on subsequent playthroughs. There'd be no other way to complete the boss entries, right?
For that matter, this seems to be a really long game. While glancing through a trophy guide somebody mentioned that they finished at lv 120. So far it seems to be taking me a bit less than an hour per level, when averaged out with all the cutscenes. My people are around level 25-30. I might be playing this game for a long, long time yet.

...I'm really loving the character interactions in the game. As much as I love the thought of Faize mooning after Edge, I could definitely see the Faize/Lym thing right from the start and I'm even amused by it. I'm even occasionally amused by the Edge/Reimi thing, and I don't generally root for the main obvious pair in a game. That should be proof enough that this game's characters are really interesting.

5/5/10 09:34 pm

Kitty did something awesome yesterday. She drew a fancy new logo for waff. Waff that is now re-named Chrysalis. =D The same URL for now at least, will have to see about that...
There's so much stuff I simply haven't had the time or attention span to actually write up, I have so much notes on FF games it isn't even funny. And then all the rest of the actual data that needs to be added. And all the stuff that isn't even hinted at at the site yet. So much to do... :X

Some Crisis Core music came up in Amarok last night while I was trying to write, and it made me pick up the game again. You might remember that I originally had the English version, but finished it quickly and sent it off to kitty. And then got the Japanese version of the game. Well, I never did get around to playing it again after was back in December 2008 I think.
So yeah. Completely new game save, started last night, I have some 5 hours on the clock now, 6% mission completion, level 15, and story-wise I'm exploring Midgar for the very first time. That'd be after Wutai. I don't know what came over me. xD;
Is it just me or is the Japanese version easier? Or then I just remember the enemy behavior so well that they don't start posing any challenge until Very Hard missions at this point. And even so it's only because of the tons of HP they have that I have to whittle away at slowly. The Tomahawk attack is the only one that poses any threat, it loads way too quickly to react, but this is nothing new. It can't quite one-shot me anyway, so just gotta keep my HP full and it's perfectly fine.
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3/19/10 10:11 pm

Final Fantasy XIII. After playing it all this week, I've now reached the fabled chapter 11 when everything's supposed to get better, or something like that.

Thoughts on the first 10 chapters )

Now, back to playing. Gonna see if I can make a dent into chapter 11 today yet.

3/14/10 01:06 pm

Being bored is detrimental to my munnies. When FF13 still hadn't arrived by Friday (what's keeping it? Getting kinda worried :/), I went on ahead and bought Crystal Bearers. Been playing it pretty much non-stop, with the vague intention of beating it once before concentrating on FF13. My hand is protesting this plan seriously. Grabbing anything heavier than an empty glass is painful. This is why I don't like Wii games, they're no good for hardcore playing. xD;;

As for the game itself, I was seriously, seriously surprised when I started it up. It's so much fun!. I never tire of meeting new (or old) enemies and trying to find all the reactions for them. Never thought tossing things around could be so addictive. O.o;
The story, too. I'm 20 hours in (most of which has been spent on various minigames. Maybe it'd be more accurate to say I just reached Rivelgauge), and it's proven quite surprisingly good. When I head what type of a game it was slated out to be, it lowered my expectations for it quite severely. Turns out I shouldn't have been so worried at all. The game's stellar in its own category (although as usual, I'm not so hot on the voice acting). My only gripe with it is the time required for miasma streams to appear. When you just want to do some minigames, it's way too soon. When you just want to fight some monsters, it takes ages. They really should've tried to think of another solution for that. Other than that and the voices, the only thing even vaguely bothering me is the camera controls, which can be a little clumsy.
It's such a shame how abysmal the game's sales have been. That pretty much guarantees that an innovative and fun game like this won't see its strong points carried on. And when for once there's been some real innovation in the series. :/ Well, it's not like I can seriously blame others for their perception of the game, I did that too before I picked it up.'s a real shame.

2/2/10 12:31 pm

It's been snowing recently. It appears that people here might not be used to it. It hasn't even been snowing that much - yesterday they cleared the roads and now it was piled up ankle-height (although considering the kind of shoes I wear my ankle-height might be higher than most people's). Even so, it seems to have brought some troubles in road upkeep. It's noon now. Noon. And they still haven't cleared it up.

Gotta love these southern cities.

Other than that, I've discovered that a place close-by makes pretty good croissants. I guess in a way it's a good thing, considering now every day I get this urge to go take a little walk and come back with several... it's just that. Well. That's still not very healthy. xD

FF11 news: Holy shit, Windurst controls Ronfaure this week. O.o; Also, I now have my BLU up to 26 and have quite a few spells from the 30s learned already. Progress! Next goal: lv 30 so I can use Wild Carrot. Although maybe lv 31 would be more appropriate, I'm severely lacking in points and spell slots... will have to see if I'll bother re-making my regular spell set just for the sake of getting to use Wild Carrot one level earlier.
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1/20/10 09:17 pm

Warning: this is yet another post about Final Fantasy XI.

Finally reached level 50 RDM. =D I'd hoped to get to that by the end of December, but kitty's work schedule got too hectic for us to arrange enough time online together to achieve that. But...hooray! Now we're finally there! Only 25 more levels to go to final level cap, and what's facing us now is the first level limit break quest, as well as the artifact armor quests. Finally I'll be able to look like a real red mage, complete with the red feathered hat...
Well, just as soon as I hit lv 60 first. The last of the AFs (the hat) has a lv 60 requirement, but I can wear the first piece by lv 52. Just gotta go obtain them now. What worries me now is getting the money for the rest of my new equipment. Damn is stuff expensive at these levels.

I think I've said it before, but Kupofried's ring is made of awesome. I used up one charge of it while bored, and ended up getting my blue mage from barely level 20 to lv 23 in one session. Solo. >D Which is just as well, kitty recently helped me learn Poison Breath, and that's the last of the spells I needed to learn that I can use before lv 30. My level kind of needs catching up with my spells.

1/10/10 05:10 am

I think I found the reason I stopped playing FFT the last time. Happened to randomly pick up the game yesterday and decided to take a look. I was a lot farther than I remembered...but there was also a damn hard story battle right next to me. The...the...? Golgollalda? *tries to figure out from the Japanese name* Something like that. Some execution place. Tried it twice before giving up again. Oops. xD;

Perhaps I'll train a bit and try again. My guide recommends level 17-21 for that battle, and my people are 16-17. Not that I think getting a couple levels and doing everything the same way as before would help much, what matters more is if Disable (/other enfeeble stopping actions) sticks to Gaffgarion the first time I try and how long it lasts. I wonder how hard it'd be to break his weapon like the guide suggests.

I swear one day I'll finish that game. One day...

I've also been editing waff lots. Wrote about half of all character profiles for Four Warriors of Light. :P Those, plus some random other ones from other titles. And added some area introductions. Now I keep wanting to edit it more but can't decide on anything to edit. The remaining FWL profiles would require me to actually finish the game first, and I'm up against this really hard boss that I just can't seem to beat. xD;;

12/28/09 05:05 pm

Okay, some time for impressions of the 光の4戦士-ファイナルファンタジー外伝- (Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Sidestory) game. Got it this Christmas, I'm...actually, I don't have a clue how many hours in I am, don't recall it saying anywhere. but pretty damn many hours anyway. Judging by the crowns (jobs) unlocked I'm a bit less than half-way through the game.

If you're not familiar with the title, it was made with the intention of presenting it like an old-school game, complete with music (not actual orchestra playing, the music sounds like it came off a SNES) and game play (overworld, turn-based combat on a battle screen, complicated dungeons/cities/houses that don't even attempt to make it look like they came out of a real world, etc), with graphics replicating the SNES-look in 3D (which mostly just means the charas are SD. The backgrounds looks like they came out of a story book).

This will include some minor spoilers, but no major points.

Down the Memory Lane )

My judgement so far? A good distraction, but falls a bit flat on its face in certain aspects.

12/7/09 11:26 pm

Yesterday was a damn good day in FF11.

Well, it didn't start too spectacularly. But then we both leveled (lv 48 now, awesome! Lv 50 is suddenly so very close. Maybe we'll even get our first limit break done this year) and Kitty teleported me way up north so I could get the Fauregandi Outpost.
That done, we headed to Bastok to finally camp Lizzy again. We were the only ones there, and did get the claim on her, and..well, I somehow ended up going 1/1 on the boots! :O The bane of everyone's lives, and the first time I got the claim (well, Kitty did that, but we were there to get the boots for me) she put out. I've heard horror stories of people going some 0/30+ on the boots, so this is definitely something to celebrate. Now I have my fancy boots that are good from single-digit levels until 40s or later on some jobs. Awesome. xD

Spurned on by my success so far, when Kitty went to sleep I switched to my BLU and headed out to attempt learning Healing Breeze, once again. (my fancy boots immediately got some use, BLU is one of those jobs mentioned) That'd be the fourth day for me, with every 'day' having 2-3 hour sessions. Sure enough, something odd was going on with the dhalmels. All but one of them used Healing Breeze. o___o And quickly too, some before 50% HP, others promptly at around 25% HP mark. I don't get it! Before, I'd do whatever I could to feed them TP while still keeping them alive, and they'd absolutely refuse to use that damn spell. Well, with all the Healing Breeze spam they did, it was no trick at all to learn it. I got it after only 50 minutes! And that's not even all. Overjoyed at the thought that I wouldn't have to prevent myself from killing them again, I ran around simply butchering every dhalmel in sight for a bit. And what do I see? Serpopard Ishtar. I know, useless random NM, lol. But still. An NM with a (useless) unique drop. I proceeded to take it down. From the comments at the lolwiki it seems that mostly BLUs have come across it. I now consider killing Ishtar a BLU initiation rite of kinds. You're not a real one if you haven't killed it while trying to learn Healing Breeze. xD

Afterwards, considered going out and butchering some higher-level dhalmels in Buburimu, but decided against it since all kinds of storage are just about full with random crap I need to sell already. xD Will do it today, hopefully at least something has sold while I slept.
Today they also did the rest of the 'November' update finally. Not even really sure what they added besides the new crafting system - or did they just add that?, will have to check before logging in.

..wait, what? RL? Does that thing really exist? Woah, I could've sworn it didn't!

11/19/09 02:37 am

Time just flies. It flies even more when you're not writing. I reached a bit tougher part in my outline, and haven't touched my Nano for this year since. That was some 10 days ago. *sweadrop*

I've been quite thoroughly distracted, first with playing a bit more Echoes of Time, and then trying to finish NG+ on Ring of Fates. I think I still like Ring of Fates the most out of the Crystal Chronicles games, mostly because of the story. It lacks wi-fi multiplayer, but I can deal with that.
I'm getting to the very end of my NG+ now. Next up is character re-union thing right before the final boss. Started some four days ago from the aftermath of Abyssus Forest, so I consider this a really fast playthrough. I've even managed to squeeze in some farming, so it hasn't been all story mode dungeons exclusively.
My people just reached level 80, which makes me wonder how difficult NG++ would be. After all, the level cap is 99, and I started NG+ with my people level 42-43. Some of my stats already occasionally reach the cap of 999 too, so I don't know...would probably just need some amazing dodging skills to survive all the battles. o.o; What makes it a bit difficult is that I like playing Gnash, and his defense really sucks. I guess it won't matter if I get some super-armor that raises all his stats to 999, as at that point the 5-way shot ability should be really godly...

I've also come to the result that no matter the title, you need ungodly amounts of Mu Fur in a Crystal Chronicles game. To my horror I discovered that there's two pieces of armor that both require 15 Mu Fur, and I'd just emptied the shop of them and made silk/leather/fine silk/fine leather with them. Would need more farming, definitely...
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